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Dolch First Grade Games

We have put together several different Flash games to help kids practice the Dolch words in the Primer list. These games will help with word recognition and spelling. The primer list is usually covered in Kindergarten.

There are 41 words on the Dolch First Grade list: of, his, had, him, her, some, as, then, could, when, were, them, ask, an, over, just, from, any, how, know, put, take, every, old, by, after, think, let, going, walk, again, may, stop, fly, round, give, once, open, has, live, thank.

Many schools expect children to learn to read the all of the 220 Dolch words by the end of Kindergarten, but it may be a bit longer before they can spell them all. Before starting to learn the Dolch First Grade words, you need to know the pre-primer list and the primer list.

Dolch First Grade Memory Games

Dolch word games - First Grade memory games

Each of these memory games covers between 12 and 18 of the Dolch word First Grade list. Click to turn over one card on the top row and one on the bottom row. The top card will have a printed word and the bottom card a spoken word (you will need speakers or headphones). Try to match the word with its sound.

Dolch word games

Dolch First Grade Matching Game

Dolch word games - First Grade match game

This is a matching memory game similar to the one above, but harder as there are ten word/sound pairs. This game uses ten words out of the 41 words on the Dolch First Grade list selected at random. You should replay the game several times to make sure you get all of the words.

Dolch word games

Dolch First Grade Spelling Game

Dolch word games - First Grade spelling game

Listen to the word then see if you can click the letter tiles in the correct order to spell it out. You will be working against the clock, but you can choose how fast you want to play.

Dolch word games

Dolch First Grade Jigword Game

Dolch word games - First Grade Jigword Game

Click the speaker on the yellow jigsaw piece, then choose the matching blue word and drag it across.There's no time limit to this game and you don't have to remember where things are, so it's a great game for beginners.

Dolch word games

First Grade Learning Resources


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