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Dolch Second Grade Games

These free online games will help children and ESL students to learn to read and spell the words in Second Grade Dolch word list.

There are 46 words on the Dolch Second Grade list: would, very, your, its, around, don't, right, green, their, call, sleep, five, wash, or, before, been, off, cold, tell, work, first, does, goes, write, always, made, gave, us, buy, those, use, fast, pull, both, sit, which, read, why, found, because, best, upon, these, sing, wish, many.

Make sure that you have already learnt the words on the pre-primer list, the primer list and the first grade list before you move on to these second grade words.

Dolch Second Grade Memory Games

Dolch word games - Second Grade memory games

These memory games are a good place to start as there is a different game for each set of 12 to 18 words in the Second Grade list, in order of frequency. This means that you can learn the most important words first.

Dolch word games

Dolch Second Grade Matching Game

Dolch word games - Second Grade match game

Match the spoken words with the written words. This game tests how well you can recognise ten words chosen at random from the Second Grade list. Each time you play you will get a different set of words.

Dolch word games

Dolch Second Grade Spelling Game

Dolch word games - Second Grade spelling game

This game will test how well you can spell the words on the Dolch Second Grade list. When you hear the word click on the letter tiles in the right order to spell it out. But hurry, there's a time limit for each word! Spelling the Dolch words usually comes quite a bit later than reading them.

Dolch word games

Dolch Second Grade Jigword Game

Dolch word games - Second Grade Jigword Game

In this game you have to click and drag the blue jigsaw pieces over to the yellow pieces. First you need to click on the speaker symbl on a yellow piece to hear the word, then drag the matching word on the blue piece so that it clicks into place. If you make a mistake you can't undo it. Make sure you play the game a number of times to cover all the words on the Dolch Second Grade list as it only tests you on ten at a time.

Dolch word games

Second Grade Learning

Note to parents and teachers: Only the memory games include the word "write". Because it sounds the same as the word "right", which is also in the Dolch Second Grade list, "write" could not be included in the remaining games which choose words from the list at random as it causes problems.


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